Red Angus Cows - open

  • For Sale
  • Price: USD $1,200.00
  • Unit: 18
  • Unit Price: USD $1,200.00
  • Location: Hugo, CO, US US
  • Listed On: November 16, 2017 16:05 PM
  • Listing No. 1936 (14 views)

More Information

18 young Red Angus open cows for sale. We only expose our cows for 45 days to bulls and these are the young cows that are open. They would make a nice set of cows to breed for fall calvers or to wait and breed in the spring. There are 3 coming 2 year olds, 5 coming 3 year olds, 2 coming 4 year olds, 4 coming 5 year olds, and 4 coming 6 year olds. All nice gentle cows that were ultrasounded and should be good breeder's. I also have 6 more that are a year older and one black 5 year old if anyone wants more numbers. Choice of any number for $1200 or $1000 dollars for 18 to 25. These are moderate sized cows that weigh 1150 to 1200 pounds on average when mature. These are our young open cows from a heard of 500

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