Red Angus Cows

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  • Unit: 70 (Per Head)
  • Location: Lyman, NE, US US
  • Listed On: January 04, 2018 10:14 AM
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More Information

70+ head of young, bred Registered Red Angus cows. Vaccinations current with a modified live program and Bangs Vaccinated. Preg checked 12- 4 -17. Delivery dates from mid-March to end of April, 3 May calvers. These cows are bred back to our bulls.
Last year’s calf crop was fed out and 87% graded 2/3 Choice the rest Graded Prime. Yield grades 2-3. Their feed efficiency was 5.8 pounds of feed Dry matter to 13 of beef. This is equivalent to $4000.00 less feed cost on 29 head of steers which is $139.00 profit per head.
We also have a Grass-fed beef program, last year we competed in the American Royal Steak competition and placed 6 with just a couple hundredths of a point out of 1st place.

2011-- 2013 cows -35 head offered at $1500.00 FOBS
2014 – 2015 cows -36 head offered at $2500.00 FOB

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