Brahman heifers , holstein , jersey and angus calves available

  • For Sale
  • Unit: 35
  • Location: Patchogue, NY, US US
  • Listed On: August 18, 2017 19:52 PM
  • Listing No. 1575 (40 views)

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good quality Dairy and Beef Cattle.Bottle Fed Calves (Male and Female), Open Heifers, Bulls, Steers and Springers in breeds like the Holsteins, Angus (Black & Red) Jerseys, Brahmans and many other breeds for Sale; 1-24months old and our entire herd is registered and come with complete paper work. We also offer quick and safe delivery to all States in the USA, Canada and Internationally as well. call or text for details (915) 267-2650

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Medium red brahman heifers pregnant cows and calves for sale 20151022151332