Angus Cross Pairs

  • For Sale
  • Price: USD $1,650.00
  • Unit: 50
  • Unit Price: USD $1,650.00
  • Location: Roswell, NM, US US
  • Listed On: September 12, 2017 09:50 AM
  • Listing No. 1685 (43 views)

More Information

NICE set of young to middle age cattle (year branded) located in ROSWELL, NM
26 Bred Cows (Black Angus/Crossbred)
16 Black Angus/Brangus Cross Pairs
8 Crossbred Pairs
$1,250 Bred Cows
$1,650 Pairs
Acclimated to the Pecos Valley water and feed, cake broke, up to date on vaccines and recently sprayed for bugs.
90% muley, only a few horned cattle.
Bred back to Black Angus bulls.

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Medium nm pairs