1080 Angus Based Stocker Calves

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  • Unit: 1080
  • Location: Osage City, KS, US US
  • Listed On: July 21, 2017 10:43 AM
  • Listing No. 1454 (70 views)

More Information

I am offering 1080 head of Angus based Stocker Calves starting Aug. 10th weighing between 400 and 500#. Calves will be heifers, steers, and a few bulls. Asking for $150/cwt on the steer calves, $140/cwt on the heifers and $145cwt/ on the bulls; Today Calves will ship from near Jackson, MS I will have another 900 head available to ship Aug. 17th "Calves are green, fresh, and short weaned with NO SHOTS"

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Medium weaned calf photo 1
  • Thumb weaned calf photo 2