200 Bred Angus Cows to calve in May/June

  • For Sale
  • Price: USD $1,381.00
  • Unit: 200
  • Unit Price: USD $1,381.00
  • Location: Mount Pleasant, UT, US US
  • Listed On: January 24, 2017 16:02 PM
  • Listing No. 383 (16 views)

More Information

We have 200 young Bred Angus Cows for sale. Mostly 2-3 with the remainder good solid mouth cows. No old cows. These cows have been vet preg checked and due to calve may and June. Pregnancy guaranteed! Mostly solid black or red with a handful of brockles and ballies. They have been vaccinated with ultra bac 8 and vira shield 6 with vl5. This is a great young set of range cows that will get out and grub.

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