How It Works

Overview is an online buying and selling service for  a US and Canadian Farmers and associated Ag businesses.

What does it cost to list?
Listing “For Sale” and “Wanted” ads are FREE. We only ever charge the seller if they sell something

Listing items
People can either list items themselves or our we can do it for you. Simply SMS or email descriptions, price and photos through to the contact details on the front page

How do I contact the seller or buyer?
You won’t see phone numbers on our site which pleases a lot of people as only genuine people inquire. Once you have made a comment, offer or quote you will receive the other persons details in an automated email. They will receive yours as well and a 55 Farms representative will also contact both parties. 

Can I offer on “For Sale” listings?
Yes there is a tab you click on that will bring up a form where you can make an offer. Note that any offer made will be automatically subject to inspection or sample

Can I quote on “Wanted” listings?
Yes there is a tab you click on that will bring up a form where you can quote on a wanted item

What happens if I agree to buy or sell something?
You can alert us and we will mark the item as sold and email both parties a “Sales Contract” with all the relevant details and instructions

What happens if I sell something through some other means or decide not to sell?
No worries, you can close the listing or let us know and we can close it for you. No cost for that one

If I sell or buy something how does the payment work?
All payments will go through our 3rd party secure payment system. We would deduct our commission or fee along the way

How does 55 Farms make money?
As mentioned we only charge if you sell something. 55 Farms will charge a percentage or a set fee for any successful sale. Go to selling fee for more

Is there a buyer fee on a “Wanted” listing?
No if you listed a “Wanted” ad and you end up buying something off the seller then we would charge the seller

So if I make an inquiry or quote on a “Wanted” ad and I sell, am I up for a fee?
Yes, as mentioned above we only charge the seller if the sell something