About Us

www.55farms.com is an online buying and selling marketplace for US and Canadian Farmers and associated Agricultural businesses.  55Farms is a sister site to the Australian site www.farmtender.com.au

Founded by former Farmer, Dwain Duxson in 2011, Farm Tender now boasts over 21,000 Farmer members and is growing at a rapid rate. 

55Farms is a carbon copy of the Farm Tender Site but tailored to the US and Canadian market.  After a 5 week study tour in early 2016 Dwain and his team decided to give this region a 'crack' and Dwain has relocated to the US to get it all going. 

55Farms brokers the sale of Machinery, Hay, Grain, Trucks, Livestock, Fertilizer, Chemical and just about anything else that is Ag related.

Any questions please email Dwain Duxson @ dwaind@55farms.com